Thursday, 21 January 2010


Chamber Of Secrets by Tolerance

Whilst trawling through Soundcloud instead of revising, I found this guy upholding the fort for amazing music in our very own Wales (following in the footsteps of many!)

I thought it was about time that we got an artist up who represented less of the gut wrenching bass that we crave at raves but more of the afterparty ambient dubs that can take us into the early hours of the morning. Tolerance has just that, amazing piano melodies accompanied with some very tasty basslines.

Cold Tears by Tolerance

As well as production he has several club residencies in Cardiff and Swansea and to top it off; Chamber of Secrets is getting a vinyl/digital release later this year on N-Type's Wheel & Deal Recordings!

He is definitely one to watch out for, check out his Myspace and SoundCloud for more info


Wednesday, 13 January 2010


  Technical Touch  by  NiT GriT

NiT GRiT is a producer that has got me excited. Hailing from California, he has quite a funky take on American-style industrial Dubstep. NiT GRiT has been producing for four years, but has only been producing dubstep for seven months; already he has shown through his high standard of production that he is one to watch out for.

DOWNLOAD - NiT GRiT - Technical Touch

Technical Touch is a Starkey style rollout, guaranteed to make anybody nod their heads with its synth melodies.

  12 Gauge  by  NiT GriT  

All i've got to say about 12 Gauge is that you need to watch out for the brilliant breakdown at 1:14, and the subsequent drop. How often do you hear people telling you to listen out for a breakdown...? Not very often at all. You know you need to check this dancefloor destroyer, along the lines of releases from Circus Records.

  Belial  by  NiT GriT  

Finally, another rude, in your face monster; with the raw basslines subtlely counterbalanced by some soft pads to give you respite and provide contrast to the big drops, making them seem all the more heavy! This one should be getting a release very soon so keep your eyes peeled over at NiT GRiT's Soundcloud.

Rigby & Steptoe

System Request Music

  Night Camp   by  System Request Music

System Request Music is another old-skool head; he's been buying vinyls since 1992 and DJing since 1995. This post is rather surreal for me as he used to DJ on (the now defunkt?) Flex FM, as DJ Wize, which I used to listen to in the last few years of primary school and the first few years of secondary school. I have almost certainly heard him DJ on the radio as a kid, which makes it all the more special for me to introduce you to him now!

System Request Music first came to my attention about 7 months ago when I found the first track he posted to Soundcloud, Higher. The time System Request Music spent at college studying sound engineering and music production clearly shows in his brilliantly crafted and superbly mastered tracks.

Night Camp is a deep, darker liquid tune that has a funky flex to it with a deep bassline and some excellent drum programming; a tune that would go off at Fabio's seminal D&B night,  Swerve!

System Request Music is starting a self-titled digital label in February/March covering Drum & Bass, Breaks, Dubstep and everything in between so keep your eyes locked to his Soundcloud so you don't miss anything!

Rigby & Steptoe

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Marshy - Bow Folk

This is exactly the sort of industrial dubstep sound im feeling at the moment. This one drops like a fat bastard with no balance on ice. Im sure in the recent climate you have all witnessed that enough to fully apreciate the metaphor. Emerging from the swamps of High Wycombe 19 year old producer MARSHY has got me very excited with this, especialy seeing as he has only been producing dubstep for about 2 months! He informs me that there is plenty more to come and with a full EP in the works this guy is definatly one to watch for 2010!

Check him out:


Monday, 11 January 2010

Hostile - Krazy Hype

Krazy Hype  by  hostile

I haven't got a clue whether this is Grime, Dancehall, Funky or something else; all I do know is that Welsh Grime producer, Hostile, has made a wicked tune here. It's got a party vibe and ragga vocals; what more could you want? Maybe more? Well you're in luck as Hostile has a new mixtape, Madman Dubs Vol 1, dropping soon, on which Krazy Hype is the first tune! As ever, jump on the Soundcloud to hear more more tunes, get more downloads and keep up to date with what Hostile is up to next.

DOWNLOAD - Hostile - Krazy Hype

Rigby & Steptoe

Sunday, 10 January 2010


This post is exciting because Komposure - from the Midlands, UK - is relatively new to production and he's letting me give away two tracks; not just any tracks, they're the first two of his productions that have been professionally mastered. I don't think he fully knows it, from the email he sent me, but these are great tunes.

I'm really feeling this. Komposure really knows how to nail those epic, luscious synths and chord progressions reminiscient of Syncopix; a sound that's a personal favourite of mine.

Revival  by  Komposure

DOWNLOAD - Komposure - Revival

Komposure comes with a more funked up roller this time, with a bouncy synth hook and some neat bongos and drums.

I've had a strange feeling writing this post and i've just realised why; the tracks are both really strong and compliment each other so well that it feels like i'm writing the blurb for a 12". I'm gonna put this challenge out there: who wants to put these tunes out as a double A-side 12"?

Rigby & Steptoe

Icon Roller

All I Think About by Icon Roller

DOWNLOAD - Icon Roller - All I Think About

Icon Roller says that he has been listening to Jungle since he first got into dance music in 1994. He's been taking production seriously for a few years now and has been DJing for over a decade. This experience shows in Icon Roller's quality, intelligently crafted tracks. 

Icon Roller lives up to his name with a tasty Drum & Bass roller. A heavy bassline and tight drum programming makes it well worth the download above. I couldn't let the opportunity pass without letting you hear Music So Wonderful. A brilliant Dubstep tune with some recognisable oldschool samples! Icon Roller has been having quite a bit of interest from labels wanting to put out Music So Wonderful and has been working on tracks with MC H.O.S.T., so keep your eyes glued to his Soundcloud to keep up with the latest developments.

Music So Wonderful (Mastered)  by  Icon Roller

Rigby & Steptoe